P2520 - Web sensor two channels

Web sensor P2520 is an ideal solution for remote monitoring and data logging of critical events in process control and automation applications. Connecting up to two sensors with current output into Ethernet network. Long current loops wires can be substituted by Ethernet network. Ethernet network reduce installation costs and accelerate deployment of the system.

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SKU Model Description Price Quantity
18708 P2520 - Web sensor two channels - P2520

Web sensor Input: 0(4)-20 mA.
Channels: 2.
Output: Ethernet.
To purchase power supply see model A1940.

175 EUR


APPLICATIONS Warehouses, museums, Server rooms, climatized rooms, HVAC, building automation, plant monitoring 

Current inputs
  Web sensor is designed to measure from two current inputs. It is possible to provide data from two current loops 0-20mA (4-20mA) into Ethernet network. Current can be recalculated to physical value measured by the connected sensors. Sensors can be powered directly from the P2520 Converter. Current inputs are galvanically isolated from Ethernet network.

Ethernet interface
  10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet interface via standard RJ45 connector. IP address can be obtain automatically from DHCP server or set manually. Internet protocol version 4 is supported only.

WWW server
  Actual measured values are accessible via powerful embedded web server. Web pages are ready for access from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Web Sensor configuration via web pages is possible too. Web Sensor allows you to user customize the design of web pages.

History values memory
  Measured values are stored into history memory according selected time interval. Capacity of the memory is 1000 records for each channel. Values inside history memory are not backuped. Memory is cleared after device restart.

History graphs
  Graphs with history values are accessible via web pages. Modern HTML5 canvas graphic component allows to use graphs from thousands of devices. It is not problem show graphs on tablets or smartphones. All modern web browsers are supported - Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Internet Explorer 9.

History export to CSV
  History values can be exported for next processing by the CSV file. CSV file can be processed inside spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc. Two formats of CSV file are supported - dot and comma decimal point separators. Timestamps inside CSV file are shown when device time is synchronised by the SNTP server. CSV file can be downloaded from web pages or periodically send as email attachment.

  Warning email are sent when measured value exceed selected limits. Emails are also send when values returns back into safe range. SMTP authentication is supported, but SSL not. Emails with CSV file attachment can be sent at selected intervals.

ModbusTCP protocol
  Modbus protocol for communication with SCADA systems or third party software. Web Sensor uses Modbus TCP protocol version. Two Modbus clients can be connected to device at one moment.

Actual values via XML
  XML protocol for actual measured values reading. This protocol is suitable for Web Sensor integration into 3rd party SCADA systems.

SNMP protocol
  SNMP version 1 protocol for IT infrastructure. Using SNMP protocol you can read actual measured values, alarm status and alarm parameters. MIB tables with OID description are available.

  SNMP Trap for IT infrastructure. Web Sensor allows sending Traps to selected Trap receiver server. Traps are sent in case of alarm on channel or at error states like unable to send email, unable to deliver SOAP message, etc.

SOAP protocol
  Web Sensor allows to send currently measured values via SOAP v1.1 protocol. The device sends values in XML format to the web server. The advantage of this protocol is that communication is initialized by the device side. Due to it is not necessary use port forwarding.

Syslog protocol
  Syslog protocol for IT infrastructure monitoring systems. Web Sensor allows sending text message to selected Syslog server. Messages are sent in case of alarm on channel or at error states like unable to send email, unable to deliver SOAP message, etc.

SNTP protocol - time synchronization
  Time synchronisation with SNTP server. Actual time is shown at web pages and is necessary for timestamps inside CSV files. Synchronisation interval can be set to one day or to one hour

Input: 0-20 mAUscita: ethernet Current measurement accuracy:        

+/- 0,1% f.s  da 0 a 50° C +/- 0,3% F.S. from -30 to 80° C
Conversion A/D: 24bit sigma-delta
Case temp reange : from -30 to 80°C
Protection: IP30
Connection LAN: RJ-45, 10 base T or 100 base Tx
Dimensions : 88 x 126 x 39,5 mm
Configuration: configurazione WWW
Power supply  
: 9 - 30 v, max 1 W ( senza il sensore analogico collegato)
Electrical connection: internal terminals
Weight: ab. 150 gr



SKU Model Description Price Quantity
Power supply 240 Volt, 24 Vdc max 1 W.
System for collecting and analyzing data measured by all COMET devices.
Contains a Database Viewer license.

- Monitoring of data, creation of reports, prints, graphs, graphs, data exports
- Data collection
- Quick and easy access to data
- Data storage
- Easy installation

Software downloadable HERE

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