Barriers / Converters

Barriers / Converters

Barriers and signal converters are fundamental components in the field of industrial automation and electronic engineering. These devices play a key role in ensuring the accurate and reliable transmission of signals between sensors, actuators, and control systems.

Safety barriers, for instance, allow for the separation of hazardous electrical circuits from safe ones, preventing short circuits and ensuring the safety of both equipment and operators. These barriers are essential in industrial environments where there are risks of explosions or electrical damage.

Signal converters, on the other hand, play a crucial role in adapting signals from sensors or actuators into formats compatible with control systems. This enables seamless and efficient integration of information throughout the automation process.

Technologies used in barriers and signal converters include galvanic isolation, voltage and current conversion, and protection against overvoltages and overcurrents. These devices are vital in sectors such as industrial automation, energy, automotive, and many others.

Choosing the right barriers and signal converters is essential to ensure safety, reliability, and optimal performance in automation systems. Investing in high-quality components is a wise decision for companies seeking to improve operational efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance.

Input: Switch or proximity sensor
Output: Switch (5A – 250V)
Supply: 24-48 VDC
Model: 2 channels and signal duplicator (1 input – 2 outputs)
Red LED for relay state, and green LED for presence of voltage
Installation : Safe area

Input: 4/20mA 2 wires active or passive
Output: 4/20mA 2 wires active or passive
Supply: 24-48 VDC,
Model: 1 or 2 channels and signal duplicator (1 input – 2 outputs)
Setting: Adjustment potentiometer for the source and the curve on the front green LED for presence of voltage
Installation : Safe area

Mounting: simple on DIN rail
Models: simple or double
Version: 1 channel on 13mm tightness
Installation in safe area or in Zone 2 in a IP54 housing (nA type of protection)
Front panel with removable label holder