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  • NEW differential pressure transmitters

    Ranges from 100 to 300 mbar

  • FA 510 for residual moisture measurement in compressed air and gases - Extremely stable in the long term -  Modbus-RTU interface - Condensation-resistan

  • Select the type of structure, and then separately the measuring tube  -  Optional regulation valve. - Up to 100 l/min

  • Sensor: Pt100 class A ± 0.15ºC @ 0ºC - 3 wires - Diameter: 4 mm.Lenght of thread: see item details   - Output: 3 free wires.

  • PT 100 Class A. Stainless steel probe, 6 mm diameter.
    M12 electrical connection

  • Aignep®  Adapter female NPT - Male G thread

  • Aignep®  Adapter female BSP - Male NPTF

    ADAPTERS Series

    Material: nickel-plated brass

  • Aignep®  Blowgun with stainless steel pipe

    Blow Guns Series

  • Aignep®  Female elbow

    ADAPTERS Series

    Material: nickel-plated brass

  • Aignep®  Female tee

    ADAPTERS Series

    Material: nickel-plated brass

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  • Miniaturized single channel datalogger in 35mm case, photographic film type. Temperature range: from -40 to 125 ° C.

  • It measures air speed or volumetric flow quickly and accurately.
    Output signals: 4 -20 mA, 0 -5 VDC, 0 -10 VDC.

  • The level probe designed for level measurements in tanks, wells and piezometers. The sensor measures the liquid level based on a sim

  • Fully stainless steel thermometers for all industrial applications. Process Connection: G1/2" BSP-male or 1/2 NPT - male.

  • Pressed column pressure gauge. Ideal for speed measurement and filter clogging monitoring.

  • DN100 horizontal diaphragm pressure gauges particularly suitable for high viscosity and crystallization fluids.

  • Ideal for applications that require optimal performance and maximum stability. Flow: 25 m3 / hr at 6.8 BAR power supply a

  • Brackets, supports and fittings

  • Model QM-421 has integrated axial temperature or temperature and humidity probe, Ø 12 mm, L=200 mm,
    stainless steel 316L probe and filter cap.


  • Portable digital pressure gauges. Also ATEX version! Display: 2 x 4½-digit LCD Operating