Indoor temp/humidity transmitters

Indoor barometer with 4-20 mA output. Max range: 600 to 1100 hPa. Operating temperature range: 0-50 ° C. Engineering units and programmable analogue output with software and optional cable.

Transducers designed for measuring temperature and / or humidity in ventilation and air conditioning systems. Expro-C probe connection for installation in environment or in channel Outputs 0 ... .10 Vdc, 4-20 mA selectable

Operating temperature range: from 0 to 50 ° C. Humidity operating range: from 5 to 95% u.r. Analog output: 4-20 mA 2 wires. The outputs are programmable via software.

The outputs are set by the manufacturer to the maximum range (-30 to + 80 ° C, 0 to 100% RH). Free configuration program TSensor for transmitter adjustment is ready to be downloaded at any time.

Model QM-212 has integrated radial temperature or temperature and humidity probe, Ø 18 mm, L=90 mm,
PTFE filter cap.

FA 510 for residual moisture measurement in compressed air and gases - Extremely stable in the long term -  Modbus-RTU interface - Condensation-resistant

• Modern enclosure design
• Optional temperature setpoint adjustment and occupant override
• Temperature, humidity and room occupancy status display
• Wide selection of temperature sensing elements