Data Logger Bluetooth


Bluetooth dataloggers are advanced data recording devices, specifically designed for efficient data monitoring and transmission through Bluetooth connectivity.


Bluetooth dataloggers are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that enables fast and reliable data transmission between the datalogger and compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. This connection facilitates real-time monitoring and remote data management, simplifying continuous monitoring of critical environments.

These devices can be configured in various modes and can be equipped with a wide range of sensors to collect data on parameters like temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, and more. Some Bluetooth dataloggers are engineered to withstand challenging environmental conditions, ensuring durability and reliability in various industrial and environmental applications.


Bluetooth dataloggers function by collecting data from sensors and transmitting it through Bluetooth connectivity to compatible devices. This data can be viewed and analyzed in real-time through dedicated applications, allowing users to make informed decisions and promptly respond to critical situations or anomalies.


Bluetooth dataloggers are widely used in various sectors and industries, including environmental monitoring, agriculture, logistics, food safety, and more. They are particularly advantageous for monitoring hard-to-reach environments or for personal monitoring, offering a user-friendly interface for data acquisition and analysis.


Using Bluetooth dataloggers offers several advantages, including seamless wireless connectivity, effortless data transfer, and direct integration with mobile devices. Bluetooth connectivity guarantees fast data transmission and optimized data management, enabling continuous monitoring and efficient operation management.


In summary, Bluetooth dataloggers are advanced and reliable tools for real-time data monitoring and recording. Thanks to their Bluetooth connectivity, they allow remote monitoring and efficient data management, providing crucial insights for performance improvement and informed decision-making in various industrial and environmental applications

LogBox BLE is a bluetooth data logger for up to three analog sensors and one digital. The analog channels accept direct connection of thermocouple temperature sensors or Pt100 and sensors for any other quantities with signals in current or voltage. The digital channel could either record events with time stamp, such as opening a door or counting pulses from a flow sensor.

The logging interval of LogBox BLE is configurable, and the user can access the parameters using a desktop or notebook via USB interface  with the NXperience software or using Android smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth with NXperience Mobile app into Android and iOS devices. Both applications allow the configuration, download and analysis of the records.

Since LogBox BLE is the first data logger of Connect family, it can be named as one of the best products on the market for applications that require accuracy in the recording of temperature data, such as laboratories, cold rooms, data centers, among others for requirements such as wireless technology recorder.