Absolute/Gage pressure switches

Rugged. Few moving parts. Diaphragm drive. Adjustable fields of intervention: the alarm point can be adjusted with an accuracy of ± 5% of the field.

Pressure switches for light industry and refrigeration. Pressure ranges: from -0.2 to 21 bar High contact load - ultra short rebound time

The Danfoss RT-E pressure switches used in the certified area have a gold-plated changeover contact (SPDT). Approvals: Ex II 2G Ex IA IIC T6 Gb. Designed for use in zone 1.

Danfoss differential and relative pressure switches. Pressure fields: from -1 to 30 bar. Adjustable differential. IP66 protection level.

Suitable for use in monitoring alarm and control systems in factories, diesel plants, compressors, power stations and on board ships. IP 67 protection.
Resistance to shocks and vibrations. Adjustable or fixed differential.

Pressure measurement of any gas, liquid or oil.
High display resolutions
One-touch connector type for easy wiring and maintenance

Switching output: 2 transistors PNP
Output: 4-20 mA
Ceramic sensor or thin film on steel
Configurable via NFC Smartphone App
Process connection: 1/4 "Gas-M

Contact type: SPDT Connection type: to terminal board Also ATEX version (ATEX II 2 G EEx d IIC T6) c