Digital pressure gages


Discover everything you need to know about digital pressure gauges, from their essential function to measurement accuracy. Read on to find the best digital pressure gauges for your needs.

What is a Digital Pressure Gauge?

Digital pressure gauges are innovative measuring instruments used to measure the pressure of gases and liquids with extreme precision. These advanced devices replace traditional analog gauges, providing clear and instant digital readings.

Advantages of Digital Pressure Gauges

Digital pressure gauges offer numerous advantages over traditional models. Firstly, their digital display allows for more precise and unambiguous readings. Additionally, many digital pressure gauges come with added features such as data storage, automatic temperature compensation, and the ability to connect to smart devices for remote monitoring.

Precision and Reliability

One of the main strengths of digital pressure gauges is their accuracy. Thanks to advanced digital technology, these devices can provide highly precise measurements with reduced uncertainty compared to analog gauges. Moreover, digital pressure gauges are generally more resistant to vibrations and shocks, ensuring greater reliability over time.

Applications of Digital Pressure Gauges

Digital pressure gauges are used in a wide range of industrial sectors, including automotive, chemical, oil and gas, engineering, and many others. They are essential tools for monitoring pressure in plants and machinery, helping to prevent breakdowns and optimize performance.

How to Choose the Right Digital Pressure Gauge

When selecting a digital pressure gauge, it is essential to consider some key factors. The measurement range, display resolution, accuracy, battery life, and environmental resistance are all important aspects to evaluate before making a purchase.

Digital pressure gauges are the ideal choice for those seeking precise and reliable pressure measurements. Discover how these instruments can enhance your operations and find the perfect digital pressure gauge for your needs.

Accuracy ± 0.5% f.s NEMA 4X version. Temperature limits: from -18 to 55 ° C. Process connections: 1/4 “NPT male.

Accuracy ± 0.25% f.s NEMA 4X version. Temperature limits: from -18 to 55 ° C. Process connections: 1/4 "NPT male.

Low cost, for air and compatible gases. Temperature limits: from -1 to 49 ° C. Process connections: 1/4 "NPT male. Accuracy: ± 1.0% f.s.