Variable area flowmeters

Variable area flowmeters

High range of flowmeters for water and air.
You can build your flowmeter by choosing type of structure and type of tube.
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Variable area flow meters are a solution for measuring the flow of liquids and gases in a conduit. These instruments operate based on the principle of mass conservation to calculate the total fluid flow. There are two main types of variable area flow meters: the Venturi tube flow meter and the diaphragm flow meter.


The Venturi tube flow meter relies on a constriction in the conduit to create a variation in fluid velocity. This type of flow meter is ideal for measuring liquid flow due to the predictable physical properties of liquids.

The diaphragm flow meter uses a diaphragm that divides the conduit into two parts: a constant cross-sectional area and a variable area. The deformation of the diaphragm caused by the fluid pressure allows for flow calculation. This type of flow meter is particularly suitable for measuring gas flow due to the less predictable physical properties of gases.

Variable area flow meters are used in multiple sectors, including the petrochemical industry, water treatment plants, and HVAC systems. These instruments offer reliability and precision in flow measurement. The choice of the right type of flow meter depends on the physical properties of the fluid and the specific application.

In summary, variable area flow meters are an effective solution for accurate measurement of liquid and gas flow. Choose the appropriate type of flow meter for your application to achieve reliable and precise results. We offer a wide range of water and air flow meters. Customization options are available for building your own flow meter, including the choice of structure and tube type. Dwyer® flow meters are always available for quick delivery.

Select the type of structure, and then separately the measuring tube  -  Optional regulation valve. - Up to 100 l/min

Low flows. For AIR and WATER. Accuracy ± 5% F.s. for VFA models, ± 3% for VFB. Average length of the scale 2" on the VFA models, 4" on the VFB models.

Accuracy: 2% of full scale. 1" female NPT back connections For WATER up to 75 l/min. Process connection: 1" female NPT back connections. End connections optional.

Platon Plastic Tube VA Flowmeter PGB:Plated brass with Nitrile O-ring seals PGS: Stainless steel with Viton O-ring seals Accuracy: ±5% FSD Connections: 1/2” or 1” BSPP female Temp Max: 80°C

The EZ-View flow meter is a variable-area instrument for WATER. Accuracy within ±5% full scale Repeatability within ±1%

The EZ-View flow meter is a variable-area instrument for OIL.
Accuracy within ±5% full scale
Repeatability within ±1%

Roto-gear valve technology permits full open to close adjustment while maintaining fine flow control of the process media in one valve design. Service: Compatible gases and liquids. Valve: Delrin®;