Volumetric/PD Meters

Volumetric/PD Meters

Discover the accuracy of volumetric flow meters, essential tools for precisely measuring fluid volumes. across various industries.

What is a Volumetric Flow Meter?

A volumetric flow meter is a device used to measure the quantity of fluid passing through a system. These instruments are designed to provide precise readings of fluid volumes, ensuring reliable measurement of quantities used or transferred.

Advantages of Volumetric Flow Meters

Volumetric flow meters offer numerous benefits for accurate measurement. With their ability to provide direct readings of fluid volume, these instruments are widely used in sectors such as chemical industry, petroleum sector, food industry, and more. The precision of volumetric flow meters is crucial for process control, resource optimization, and compliance with regulations.

Applications of Volumetric Flow Meters

Volumetric flow meters find applications in various industries to measure and monitor the quantity of fluids used or transferred. They are used in production plants, refueling stations, distribution systems, and even in laboratory fluid measurement and control processes.

How to Choose the Right Volumetric Flow Meter

When selecting a volumetric flow meter, carefully consider the type of fluid to be measured, the flow rate range, measurement accuracy, fluid characteristics (such as viscosity and temperature), and the operating conditions it will be used in. Consider the specifications of your applications to find the ideal volumetric flow meter to meet your measurement needs.

Discover how volumetric flow meters can ensure precision and efficiency in fluid measurement.

High rangeability. Ideal for measuring liquids with viscosities up to 700 c-poise Sturdy with Nylon or Brass body and Nylon (for water) or vectra (for water or oil) measuring chamber.

No power supply requested Display versions Rating:  IP65. Suitable for all data acquisition systems with scaling possibility.

Volumetric gears with ideal gauges for oil, grease, liquids ... Execution: IP 66 Outputs: frequency - 2 outputs selectable reed contact / Hall effect