Ethernet barometers

Ethernet Output

Barometers with Ethernet output are advanced measurement devices designed to detect atmospheric pressure and transmit data through an Ethernet connection.


Barometers with Ethernet output are equipped with cutting-edge technologies that enable fast and reliable data transmission through the Ethernet network, allowing real-time monitoring of pressure values.


The operation of these barometers is based on highly sensitive sensors capable of detecting even the slightest variations in atmospheric pressure. Thanks to their Ethernet connection, they can send measurement data to remote devices or centralized monitoring systems, simplifying data collection and analysis.


Barometers with Ethernet output are used in various applications, including environmental monitoring, meteorological analysis, industrial process control, and scientific research. Their ability to provide real-time accurate measurements makes them valuable tools in contexts where precision in atmospheric pressure is crucial for ensuring operational safety.

In summary, barometers with Ethernet output represent advanced and highly efficient measurement devices, capable of transmitting real-time data through the Ethernet connection. Their adoption offers a sophisticated solution for precise and reliable monitoring of atmospheric pressure in a wide range of sectors and applications.

WEB SENSOR Barometric pressure ethernet transmitter with display. Protection: IP30 Range: from 600 to 1100 hPa. Accuracy: ± 1.3 hPa at 23 ° C.