Temperature Switches

Temperature switches provide precise temperature control, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Whether you want to maintain a pleasant home temperature or manage a complex industrial process, a reliable temperature switch is essential.



Control Precision: Temperature switches offer precise temperature regulation, guaranteeing a consistently comfortable environment and maximum energy efficiency.

Flexible Programming: Many temperature switches allow you to program settings according to your needs, enabling energy savings when heating or cooling is unnecessary.

Smart Connectivity: Some temperature switches come with WiFi connectivity, allowing remote control via smartphones or computers.

Advanced Sensors: They incorporate intelligent sensors that constantly monitor ambient temperature, ensuring real-time dynamic adjustment.

Intuitive Displays: User interfaces are designed to be intuitive, simplifying programming and settings viewing.


Energy Savings: temperature switches help reduce energy costs by adjusting the temperature only when necessary.

Customized Comfort: You can set the temperature switches to maintain your desired temperature, ensuring comfort for you and your family.

Environmental Sustainability: By reducing energy waste, you contribute to reducing environmental impact.


Remote Control: With connected temperature switches, you can adjust the temperature from anywhere via a mobile application.

Long-Term Reliability: temperature switches are designed for durability, offering years of reliable service.


To learn more about temperature switches and discover which model best suits your needs, contact us. We offer a comprehensive range of temperature control solutions.

1-stage capillary antifreeze thermostat. Range: - 10 / + 12 ° C Accuracy: +/- 2 ° C Contact capacity: 15 (8) A-24 -250 Vac - min 150 mA @ 24 V

KPS thermostats with reinforced capillary. Sturdy and compact structure and resistance to shocks and vibrations. Temperature ranges: from -10 to +200 ° C Gold-plated contacts Adjustable or fixed differential

Danfoss thermostats RT series.
Generally recommended for applications where safety or economic factors are critical.
Temperature ranges: from -60 to +300 ° C

Adjustable or fixed differential

Immersion thermostat

  • Switching differential: medium, adjustable
  • Output signal: Floating change-over contact
  • Short response time
  • Protection IP54
  • Electrical connection on terminal screw