PT100 / Thermocouples

• Stainless steel probes: 100, 200, 300 and 400mm
• Double encapsulated sensors & etched Teflon leads
TEMP SENSING ELEMENT & ACCURACY: 1K RTD : ±0.12% at 0°C (385 curve)

• Quick-response sensor
• IP66-rated BAPI-Box 2 enclosure
• Well-vented sensor guard

Outside Air Units are designed to be mounted outdoors. The UV-resistant plastic shield keeps the sensor out of the sunlight and allows for excellent air circulation.
The units are available in a BAPI-Box 2 polycarbonate enclosure which carries an IP66 rating.

Finned aluminum probe
24 VDC power supply
4-20mA analogue output
IP65 protection rating

Outdoor temperature sensors. Ideal for outdoor temperature monitoring. Removable internal terminal block. Working range: -40 ° C - 121 ° C Probe diameter: 5.97 mm

They can be used to monitor the temperature of air or water in air conditioning, air treatment or other systems. They are available in different versions, with thermistor probes (various types) or with PT100 or PT1000 resistance thermometers.

PT 100 Class A. Stainless steel probe, 6 mm diameter. DIN B head Sensor: Pt100 class A ± 0.15ºC @ 0ºC, 3 wires.

3-wire Class A temperature probe
Head and probe in stainless steel
Diameter 6 mm
Electric output: M20X1.5

PT 100 Class A. Stainless steel probe, 6 mm diameter.
M12 electrical connection

Thermocouple K in MgO
Pipe in AISI 310 (suitable for high temperatures)
Sheath in Inconel 600
With handle
working temperature 1200 ° C
Flexible cable

Accessories for temperature probes and thermometers.

Sensor: Pt100 class A ± 0.15ºC @ 0ºC - 3 wires - Diameter: 4 mm.Lenght of thread: see item details   - Output: 3 free wires.

Sensor: Pt100 class A ± 0.15ºC @ 0ºC, 3 wires.
Diameter: 4 mm.
Lenght of thread: see item details.
Output: 3 free wires.

For pipes from 2 to 5 ". Operating range: - 35.5 to + 115.5 ° C (-32 to 240 ° F) Sensor material: copper conductor Assembly: to bind to the pipe