Portable Instruments for Temperature and Humidity Measurement - Climate/Environment


Portable instruments for measuring temperature and humidity in ambient conditions are compact and versatile devices that allow you to obtain accurate readings of temperature and humidity anywhere, ensuring an optimal and safe environment.

Key Features

  • Combined Measurement: these instruments measure both temperature and humidity in a single device, providing comprehensive data on environmental conditions.
  • Measurement Accuracy: they offer precise and reliable measurements, essential for ensuring the well-being and safety of occupants and the preservation of sensitive materials.
  • Portability: they are compact, lightweight, and designed to be easily transported anywhere, making them ideal for on-site inspections and continuous monitoring.
  • Readout Display: they come with clear and readable displays that show real-time data, allowing for a quick assessment of conditions.
  • Data Storage: some models allow data recording and storage, ideal for analyzing climate trends over time.

Key Benefits

  • Precise Control: ensure accurate control of environmental conditions, essential for health, safety, and comfort.
  • Versatility: suitable for a wide range of applications, including home environments, pharmaceuticals, food preservation, and much more.
  • Ease of Use: intuitive interfaces simplify operation, enabling quick setup and data reading.
  • Durability: resistant to wear and tear, designed to withstand environmental conditions.
  • Continuous Monitoring: some models enable continuous monitoring of environmental conditions, with notifications for deviations from desired parameters.

For further details on portable instruments for measuring temperature and humidity in ambient conditions and to discover which model best suits your specific needs, please contact us. We offer a wide range of solutions for environmental condition monitoring.

Precision rapid response thermometer for NiCr-Ni (type K).
Measurement range: -65.0 ... + 199.9 ° C or -65 ... + 1150 ° C
Resolution 0.1 ° C or 1 ° C.

Particular precision, speed and reliability, enclosed in a compact housing.
Suitable for maximum precision measurements in liquids and air.
Sensor and cable grip can reach up to 250°C.

Baro - thermo - digital hygrometer. Humidity: 0.0 ... 100.0% u.r. Atm pressure: 10.0 ... 1100.0 mbar Temperature: from -25.0 to 70.0 ° C. Resolution: 0.1% U.R. 0.1 ° C / ° F, 0.1mbar

Measurement% U.R, temperature, dew point, medium bulb. It stores up to 99 values, ideal for technicians who need to take measurements and analyze them at a later stage. Temperature range: - 28 to + 60 ° C

Teflon probe and teflon cable for use with high temperatures up to 250 ° C.
- Sturdy and with a good grip
- High precision (± 0.1 ° C ± 1 digit)
- Battery life> 6000 hours

High precision thermometer
Very high resolution (0.01 ° C)
With DATALOGGER function
Measurement input: Pt100, 4 wires
Measurement range: -50 ... + 400 ° C

Quick response humidity and temperature measurements.
Temperature range: -20 ... + 70 ° C
Humidity range: 0 ... 100% RH
Resolution: 0.1 ° C resp. 0.1% RH

Precision thermo-hygrometer.
Temperature range: -40 ... + 120 ° C
Accuracy: Humidity: +/- 2.5% RH; Temperature: +/- 0,5 ° C

Thermocouple K in MgO
Pipe in AISI 310 (suitable for high temperatures)
Sheath in Inconel 600
With handle
working temperature 1200 ° C
Flexible cable

Handheld thermohygrometer with data logger for climate and environment applications.
A highly accurate portable handheld measuring instrument for measuring relative air humidity, absolute air humidity, dew point, equilibrium moisture content of wood and temperature using innovative sensor technology.