Digital Indicators

Digital Indicators

Digital indicators are electronic devices used to measure, display, and communicate numerical data in digital format.

These versatile tools play a fundamental role in a wide range of applications, including industrial automation, engineering, computer science, data analysis, and many other sectors.

Digital indicators consist of various components, including input sensors, data processing units, LED or LCD displays, and communication interfaces. Thanks to their precision and reliability, they are widely used to monitor temperatures, pressures, levels, flows, and other physical quantities.

The SGD 35-M is a PanelPilot Compatible graphics display with a 320 x 240 pixel (QVGA) colour display and USB programming interface.
Colours, text labels, splash screen and input scaling can all be customised by the user through the software and then
uploaded to the SGD 35-M through the USB connection.

Simple and economical digital indicator with a single 4-20 mA current input.
Display: LED, red, 4 x 13 mm h.
The device configuration can be performed by the IR remote control.

LED display 4 digits x 20 mm H (red). Serial output: RS 485 / Modbus RTU. Operating temperature: 0 ... .50 ° C. External sensor supply: 24 V DC max 100 mA

Variable read / write, MODBUS RTU / Master protocol, digital inputs, alarm management, multi-voltage power supply

96x48 4-digit display.
Display functions, alarm and signal retransmission, programmable input, multi-voltage power supply, digital inputs, serial communication.