Pressure regulators

Pressure regulators

Pressure regulators are fundamental devices used to control and stabilize the pressure of fluids in various industrial systems.


Pressure regulators are designed to maintain a constant fluid pressure by reducing or increasing it based on the system's requirements. These devices are equipped with sensitive components that detect pressure variations and automatically adjust the fluid flow in the inlet or outlet to maintain the desired pressure.


The operation of pressure regulators is based on pneumatic or hydraulic principles, depending on the type of fluid and application. These devices can handle both low and high-pressure values, ensuring precise and reliable pressure control.


Pressure regulators find extensive applications in various industrial sectors, including process control, industrial automation, chemical industry, energy, and many others. They are used to maintain process stability, protect sensitive equipment from pressure, and ensure proper fluid distribution in various industrial applications.

Thanks to their precision and safety features, pressure regulators are essential for improving operational efficiency, reducing energy waste, and safeguarding industrial equipment from overloads or malfunctions.

In summary, pressure regulators are indispensable tools for accurate and stable control of fluid pressure in industrial environments. Their adoption provides significant benefits in terms of efficiency, safety, and reliability in industrial operations.

A valid choice for all applications where a precise maintenance of the outlet pressure at high flow rates is required. Flow: up to 80 scfm (135.9 m3 / hr). Sensitivity: 3.2 mm H2O (1/8 "H2O).

Ideal for applications that require optimal performance and maximum stability. Flow: 25 m3 / hr at 6.8 BAR power supply and 1.4 BAR output. Sensitivity: 3.2 mm H2O.

Aignep®  Tube in-line pressure regulator


1/4” NPT type single-stage low pressure reducing regulator for precision industry.

Supplied with one pressure gage on the output.

DR60 Series is a 1/4” NPT type single-stage pressure reducing regulator being widely used for general plumbing and industrial gases. Mode of nickel plated brass for body and stainless steel or brass for internal parts, Teflon valve seat, and diaphragm of special rubber, DR60 series an economical model with durability and safety as well.

  • 1/4” NPT type regulator
  • Suitable for the general plumbing and industrial control fields
  • Inlet pressures are 3000psi(210bar) or 600psi(42bar) and outlet pressures are 25psig (1.7bar) 50psig(3.5bar), 100psig(7bar), 200psig(14bar)
  • Design proof pressure: 150% of maximum rated