Air velocity transmitters and mass flow meters


Transmitters with analog output and Modbus optional communication.
Execution with or without display.
Insertion and In Line flow meters.

Thermal velocity transmitters and thermal flow meters are crucial monitoring instruments for accurate and reliable measurement of fluid flow in a conduit.

These instruments work based on the thermal principle and rely on the relationship between temperature and fluid velocity in a conduit.


Thermal velocity transmitters operate using a thermal sensor that measures the temperature of the fluid. This data is processed to calculate the fluid velocity. Thermal velocity transmitters are suitable for measuring the flow of liquids and gases as they provide precise and reliable measurement of fluid velocity.


On the other hand, thermal flow meters use two or more thermal sensors to calculate both velocity and flow rate of the fluid. These instruments are ideal for measuring the flow of liquids and gases as they offer a comprehensive solution for flow measurement.


Thermal velocity transmitters and flow meters are widely used in various sectors such as the petrochemical industry, water resource management, and wastewater treatment plants. These instruments ensure accurate and reliable monitoring of fluid flow.


In summary, thermal velocity transmitters and flow meters are important monitoring instruments for accurate and reliable measurement of liquid and gas flow. Choose the appropriate type of instrument for your application from our range of options.


OEM Flow Sensors. Display can be vertically inverted to set and watch monitor easily. 3-Color & 7 segment LCD display. 8 digit accumulated flow rate display. Real-time monitoring.

It measures air speed or volumetric flow quickly and accurately.
Output signals: 4 -20 mA, 0 -5 VDC, 0 -10 VDC.
Range: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 FPM (5, 10, 15, 20 m / s); selectable fields.

It allows an accurate measurement of speed 16 fields selectable in FPM or m / s AVAILABLE 641RM VERSION WITH REMOTE SENSOR. The optional red LED display allows local speed display.

Insertion flow meter for compressed air and gas. 4-20 mA analogue output and Modbus. Impulsive output compared to totalized m3. Usable from 1/2” to 12” (DN 300)

- Compressor balancing and consumption - Verification of losses - Gas process measurements - Measurements of nitrogen generators - Mobile compressed air measurement in front of single machines / plants