Portable speed measurement instruments are a fundamental resource for professionals who require precise measurements of moving objects' velocity. These advanced devices employ various technologies, including laser, radar, and ultrasound sensors, to provide fast and reliable real-time speed measurements.

Thanks to their portability and ease of use, these instruments are ideal for a wide range of applications, including traffic monitoring, vehicle and machinery control, and more. The accuracy of measurements is crucial to ensure safety and efficiency in many situations.

The choice of the speed measurement instruments depends on the specific application and project requirements. However, with a diverse selection of options available, you can find the most suitable device to meet your speed measurement needs accurately and reliably.

Ideal for technicians in the air conditioning sector, for speed measurements with Pitot tubes. Measurements of pressure, flow rate and speed together with numerous other useful functions.

Measure air speed, volumetric flow, temperature and humidity.Up to 99 storable readings. Stainless steel probe with convenient knob and with insertion depth incisions on the probe from 0 to 20 cm.

Measure air speed or volumetric flow and temperature. Backlight for low light environments. Aluminum case of the digital indicator. Up to 99 storable readings for subsequent analysis.