ST2L10P - Flow computers for air/gas/steam

• Liquid, Gas, Steam and Heat Flow Equations • Menu Selectable Hardware & Software Features • Two Line LCD • Isolated Pulse and Analog Outputs Standard • RS-232 Port Standard • Panel Mounting • Windows™ Setup Software



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The SUPERtrol II Flow Computer satisfies the instrument requirements for a variety of flowmeter types in liquid, gas, steam and heat applications. Multiple flow equations are available in a single instrument with many advanced features. The alphanumeric display offers measured parameters in easy to understand format. Manual access to measurements and display scrolling is supported.  The versatility of the Flow Computer permits a wide measure of versatility within the instrument package. The various hardware inputs and outputs can be “soft” assigned to meet a variety of common application needs. The user “soft selects” the usage of each input/output while configuring the instrument. Consider the following illustrative examples. The isolated analog output can be chosen to follow the volume flow, corrected volume flow, mass flow, temperature, pressure, or density by means of a menu selection. Most hardware features are assignable by this method. The user can assign the standard RS-232 Serial Port for external data logging, transaction printing, or for connection to a modem for remote meter reading. A Service or Test mode is provided to assist the user during start-up system check out by monitoring inputs and exercising outputs. The system setup can also be printed.


Environmental operating temperature: from 0 to 50°C Storage temperature: from -40 to 85°C Humidity : 0-95% Non-condensing Materials: UL, CSA, VDE approved Display Type: 2 lines of 20 characters Displays Types:Types: Backlit LCD Character Size: 0.3" nominal User selectable label descriptors and units of measure
Keypad: Keypad Type: Membrane Keypad Keypad Rating: Sealed to Nema 4 Number of keys: 16
Enclosure: Panel mounting Size: See Dimensions Depth behind panel: 6.5" including mating connector
Power Input: The factory equipped power option is internally fused. An internal line to line filter capacitor is provided for added transient suppression. MOV protection for surge transient is also supported. Universal AC Power: 85 to 276 Vrms, 50/60 Hz Power Cosumption AC Power: 6.5 V/A
Flow Meter Types: Linear: Vortex, Turbine, Positive Displacement, Magnetic and others Square Law: Orifice, Venturi, Nozzle, V-Cone, Wedge, Averaging Pitot, Target and others flow Inputs analog Input. Accuracy: 0.01% FS at 20° C
Ranges: Voltage: 0-10 VDC, 0-5 VDC, 1-5 VDC Current: 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA stacked, 0-20 mA stacked Basic Measurement Resolution: 16 bit Update Rate: 4 updates/sec Automatic Fault detection: Signal over/under-range, Current Loop Broken Calibration: Operator assisted learn mode Extended calibration: Learns Zero and Full Scale of each range Fault Protection: Fast Transient: 500 V Protection (capacitive clamp) Reverse Polarity: No ill effects Over-Voltage Limit: 50 VDC Over voltage protection Over-Current Protection: Internally current limited protected to 24VDC
Pulse Inputs: Number of Flow Inputs: one Input Impedance: 10 k W nominal Trigger Level: (menu selectable) High Level Input Logic On: 2.5 to 30 VDC Logic Off: 0 to 2 VDC Low Level Input (mag pickup) Selectable sensitivity: 10 mV and 100 mV Minimum Count Speed: 2 Hz (to maintain rate display) Maximum Count Speed: Selectable: 0 to 50 kHz Overvoltage Protection: 50 VDC
Temperature, Pressure, Density Inputs The compensation inputs usage are menu selectable for temperature, temperature 2, pressure, density or not used. Calibration: Operator assisted learn mode Operation: Ratiometric Accuracy: 0.01% FS at 20° C Basic Measurement Resolution: 16 bit Update Rate: 2 updates/sec minimum Automatic Fault detection: Signal Over-range/under-range Current Loop Broken RTD short RTD open Reverse Polarity: No ill effects Over-Current Limit (current input)Internally limited to protect input to 24 VDC
Available Input Ranges Current: 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA Resistance: 100 Ohms DIN RTD 100 Ohm DIN RTD (DIN 43-760, BS 1904): Three Wire Lead Compensation Internal RTD linearization learns ice point resistance 1 mA Excitation current with reverse polarity protection Temperature Resolution: 0.01 C Stored Information (ROM) Steam Tables (saturated & superheated), Fluid Properties: Water, Air, Natural Gas or Generic
User Entered Stored Information (EEPROM / Nonvolatile RAM) Transmitter Ranges, Signal Types Fluid Properties (specific gravity, expansion factor, specific heat, viscosity, isentropic exponent, combustion heating value, Z factor) Units Selections (English/Metric) Language Translations (optional)
Excitation Voltage 24 VDC @ 100 mA (fault protected)
Relay Outputs The relay outputs usage is menu assignable to (Individually for each relay) Hi/Lo Rate Alarm, Hi/Lo Temperature Alarm, Hi/Lo Pressure Alarm, Pulse Output (pulse options), Wet Steam or General purpose warning (security).
Number of relays: 2 Contact Style: Form C contacts Contact Ratings: 240 V, 5 amp
Analog Outputs The analog output usage is menu assignable to correspond to the Uncompensated Volume Rate, Corrected Volume Rate, Mass Rate, Temperature, Density, or Pressure.
Number of Outputs: 2  Type: Isolated Current Sourcing (shared common) Available Ranges: 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA (menu selectable) Resolution: 16 bit Accuracy: 0.05% FS at 20 Degrees C Update Rate: 5 updates/sec Temperature Drift: Less than 200 ppm/C Maximum Load: 1000 ohms Compliance Effect: Less than .05% Span 60 Hz rejection: 40 dB minimum EMI: No effect at 3 V/M Calibration: Operator assisted Learn Mode Averaging: User entry of DSP Averaging constant to cause a smooth control action
Approvals: CE Approved, UL/CSA Pending 
Serial Communication The serial port can be used for printing, datalogging, modem connection and communication with a computer. RS-232: Device ID: 01-99 Baud Rates: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 Parity: None, Odd, Even Handshaking: None, Software, Hardware Print Setup: Configurable print list and formatting
Isolated Pulse output The isolated pulse output is menu assignable to Uncompensated Volume Total, Compensated Volume Total, Heat Total or Mass Total.
Pulse Output Form (menu selectable):  Open Collector NPN or 24 VDC voltage pulse Nominal On Voltage: 24 VDC Maximum Sink Current: 25 mA Maximum Source Current: 25 mA Maximum Off Voltage: 30 VDC Saturation Voltage: 0.4 VDC Pulse Duration: User selectable Pulse output buffer: 8 bit
Fault Protection Reverse polarity: Shunt Diodes Over-current Protected Over-voltage Protected
Real Time Clock The Flow Computer is equipped with a non-volatile real time clock with display of time and date.
Format 24 hour format for time Day, Month, Year for date


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ST2L10P - Flow computers for air/gas/steam

• Liquid, Gas, Steam and Heat Flow Equations • Menu Selectable Hardware & Software Features • Two Line LCD • Isolated Pulse and Analog Outputs Standard