GMH 2710 - Waterproof HACCP-Thermometer with Pt1000 probe


  • Waterproof (device and probe)
  • Easy handling
  • Robust and with good grip
  • High accuracx (±0,1 °C ±1 digit)
  • Automatic freezing of constant measuring value (Auto-Hold)
  • Battery life itime > 6000 hours
  • incl. calibration protocol



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SKU Model Description Price Quantity
31989 GMH 2710-T

Plastic handle 135 mm long
1 m PVC cable (max 100°C) Ø  3 mm / length: 100 mm

145.5 EUR
17194 GMH 2710-K

Design type with big Teflon handle and 1 m Teflon cable, with slim insertion tip, handle and cable are to resistant to temperatures up to 250°C air temperature.
Stainless steel kink protection, Ø  3 mm / length: 100 mm

172 EUR
31988 GMH 2710-G

Design type with small Teflon handle and 1 m Teflon cable, with slim insertion tip, handle and cable are suitable for permanent application at temperature sup to 250°C.
Stainless steel kink protection, Ø  1.5 mm / length: 100 mm

184 EUR


Field of application:

High-precision measurements:

  • Laboratory
  • Quality management
  • Production process control


  • Foods (HACCP)
  • Medicine / Pharmacheutics
  • Chemistry
  • Fishkeeping, aquafarming, aquaculture

Technical data:

Resolution: 0,1 °C
Accuracy:  at -20,0 ... 100,0 °C   ±0,1 °C ±1 digit
at -70,0 ... 200,0 °C   ±0,1 % v. MW. ±2 digit
Probe: Pt1000, 2-wire, potential-free, waterproof and steam-tight,
permanently connected to device,
Teflon handle and 1 m teflon cable,
Reaction time T90: ca. 10 s
Display: two 4-digit LCD (12,4 mm and 7 mm)



SKU Model Description Price Quantity
Temperature Certificate Ref. ACCREDIA

3-point verification, with the reference of the calibration of the sample used, in addition to the details of the instrument and the outcome of the checks.
Referred to ACCREDIA certified master


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