EL-SIE-6+ - Temperature, humidity, and pressure data logger with display

• -18 to +55°C (-0.4 to +131°F) temperature measurement range
0 to 100%RH humidity measurement range
• 300 to 1200mbar pressure measurement range
• Stores over 1,000,000 readings (As per spec table)
• No software to install - configure using your normal web browser
• Use with a PC or Mac
• Display shows current, maximum and minimum readings
Status and alarm indicatorsOn-board alarm sounder
• Data can be uploaded to the EasyLog Cloud

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SKU Model Description Price Quantity
39307 EL-SIE-6+

Temperature, humidity, and pressure data logger with display
Temperature range: -18...+55°C

Humidity range: 0-100% RH
Pressure range: 300-1200 mbar

171 EUR


Monitor the environment you live and work in with the EasyLog EL-SIE-6+.

Configuration is simple, with no software to install on your PC or Mac – just connect the logger with a USB cable, and use your standard web browser to configure the device for logging. You don’t even need internet access to set up and use the EL-SIE-6+, it really couldn’t be easier.

The logging interval can be set between 10 seconds and 24 hours, with immediate, delayed, triggered or push-to-start logging. Alarms are fully user configurable, with functionality including cumulative alarms, pre-alarms, a delay before alarm triggering, and an alarm hold option, which continues showing the alarm condition even if the reading returns to an acceptable level.

The display shows current, maximum and minimum readings, and three coloured LEDs indicate device status at a glance.Once logging is complete, re-connect to your computer and use your browser to view, analyse and save your data.

You can also choose to upload your data to an Easy Log Cloud account, making the data accessible online for powerful graphing, analysis and report generation.

Typical battery life is over 1 year using standard AAA alkaline batteries, and a wall mounting bracket is supplied with the device.


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