Portable Instruments for Bioenergy Measurement


Portable instruments for bioenergy measurement are your allies in the sustainable management of renewable energy resources. These compact and advanced devices allow you to measure and assess bioenergy with precision, paving the way for more efficient management of sustainable energy sources.

Key Features

- Multiple Measurements: these instruments measure various parameters of bioenergy, such as humidity, providing comprehensive data for energy optimization.

- Measurement Accuracy: they offer accurate and reliable measurements, essential for precise quantification of energy resources.

- Portability: designed to be compact and lightweight, they allow for easy transportation wherever you need to take measurements.

- Display and Data Recording: some models come with intuitive displays for real-time result visualization and allow data recording for detailed analysis.

- Connectivity: they can be equipped with advanced connectivity options for data transfer and integration into management systems.

Key Benefits

  • Energy Optimization: provide key data for optimizing the production and utilization of bioenergy, contributing to sustainable resource management.
  • Environmental Sustainability: help monitor and maximize the efficiency of renewable energy sources, reducing environmental impact.
  • Ease of Use: the user-friendly interface simplifies operation and data interpretation.
  • Durability: resistant to environmental conditions and designed for long-lasting use.
  • Versatility: suitable for various applications, from biomass production to energy resource management.

For further details on portable instruments for bioenergy measurement and to discover which model best suits your specific needs, please contact us. We offer a wide range of solutions for bioenergy measurement and management.

Capacitive humidity meter with a direct view shown in percent.
It is perfectly suitable for home and crafts.
2 different measurement depths.

Moisture meter with insertion probe of 1 meter length for determination of water content of wood chips with datalog.

Convenient determination of water content and temperature of deeper layers.