Portable instruments for measuring food parameters are devices used to analyze various characteristics and parameters of food, allowing professionals in the food industry, laboratory technicians, and consumers to assess the quality and safety of food. These tools can be used for a wide range of applications, including quality control and food safety monitoring, among others.

Below is a general technical description of a portable moisture meter.

Operating Principle: These instruments measure the amount of moisture present in a food sample, typically through the detection of electrical conductivity or dielectric capacity of the sample.

Applications: They are used to assess the quality and freshness of foods such as grains, dried fruits, and baked goods.

The choice of the instrument depends on the specific measurement objective and the characteristics of the food sample being analyzed. The portability of these instruments makes them useful for field inspections, on-site quality checks, and real-time monitoring of the food production chain.

recise thermo - hygrometer with exchangeable external sensors for a wide range of applications with manual - & autodatalogfunction for laboratory, synthetic granules, climate and environment applications.
By selecting different long term stable sensors, the range of applications goes from the measurement of air humidity to the determination of relative material moisture via material moisture sensor to the determination of water activity value in diverse food.

The humimeter FL2 with fix mounted probe, beside its function as a hay and straw moisture meter and hay stack probe, also offers a calibration function for special materials.
This functions enables the measurement of numerous special materials like cellulose, tobacco and lucerne according to your individual requirements.