QDP-LCMK – Manometer for air or gas with alarm


The QDP series, comes from unification of ADPS pressure switch and  liquid column manometer LCMK series. The QDP series is provided on an aluminum plate and is  ready to be connected to the colored pressure ports on the lower side, without having to make  T connections anymore. The PVC tubes and the rear fittings are made of plastic material.

Fluid: air or compatible gases clean and dry
Temperature: 0 to 60°C
Pressure: max 10 Kpa
Process connection: threaded ¼” f (red+, blue -)
Indicator precision:±3% f.s.
N. 1 Contact: SPDT
Electrical ratings: max 1.5 A res. /0.4 A, ind. /250 VCA, 50/60 Hz
Included in the delivery: 1 small bottle of red liquid  P.s.

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QDP-LCMK - Manometer for air or gas with alarm - QDP-LCMK-1 QDP-LCMK-1Code: 30057

Manometer range: 10-0-700 Pa
Pressure switch range: 200-1000 Pa