T2114 – Barometer with 4-20 mA output


Display reading and pressure output is user selectable in these units: hPa, kPa, mbar, mmHg, inHg, inH2O, PSI, oz/in2. programmable via software (optional cable SP003 – software supplied with cable).

Barometer is equipped with absolute pressure sensor of high accuracy. Transmitter contains a microprocessor based control circuitry in a durable plastic case with connection terminals and sensors. Output range is user adjustable. Display is possible to switch off. Computerized design ensures temperature compensation of the pressure sensor and fail indication. State-of-the-art absolute pressure sensor ensures excellent long term stability.

Measuring of barometric pressure at:
• warehouses
• manufacturers
• air-conditioned rooms
• weather stations

Maximum measuring range: 600 to 1100 hPa.
Output  default setting: from 800 to 1100 hPa.
(1,3hPa+0.06% from adjusted output span) at 23°C from 800 to 1100hPa.
Operating temperature range: from -30 to 80°C.
Output: 4-20 mA.
Power: 9 – 30 Vdc.
Dimensions: 89 x 98 x 39,5 (W x H x D).
Protection: IP 54

Output is adjusted to 800-1100hPa range from the manufacturer. Output range is user adjustable from the PC by means of the optional cable SP003 (free software supplied with cable).

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T2114 - Barometer with 4-20 mA output - T2114 T2114Code: 7102

Indoor/ Outdoor Barometer.