GFTB-200 – Precision hygror-thermo-barometer


Humidity: 0,0 … 100,0 %r.F. (recommended range: 11…90 %r.F.)
Atm. Pressure: 10,0 … 1100,0 mbar
Temperature: -25,0 … +70,0 °C
Dew Point Temperature Td: -40,0 … 70,0 °C
Wet Bulb Temperature Twb:  -27,0 … 70,0 °C
Moisture Content x: 0,0 … 280,0 g/kg
Absolute Humidity d: 0,0 … 200,0 g/m³

Resolution: 0.1%RH, 0,1°C/°F, 0.1mbar

Humidity: ± 2,5%  (11…90%r.F.)
Atm. Pressure: ± 1,5mbar (750…1100mbar)
Temperature: ± 0,5% of reading ± 0,1°C (Pt1000 1/3DIN)
Response Time: T90=10sec.
Display:  approx.11mm high, 4 1/2 digit LCD
Operation elements: 3 keys for ON/OFF, min-/max-value display, hold
Nominal temperature: 25°C
Dimensions: approx. 106 x 67 x 30 mmm (H x B x T) without sensor head
Measuring probe t
emperature: Pt1000
Measuring probe humidity: capacitive polymere humidity sensor
Measuring probe air pressure: piezoresistive pressure sensor hybrid

Operating conditions:
Electronics: -25…70 °C; 0…80 %RH (non-condensing)
Sensors: -25…70 °C; 0…100 %RH
Power supply: 9V-battery type IEC 6F22
Power consumption: approx. 30μA at 1 meas. / 60s (mode SLOW) approx. 70μA at 1 measurings / sec. (mode FAST)
Low battery warning: “BAT“
Auto-off function: when Auto Off is activated, the device switches automatically off, if keypad is not attended for a longer time (selectable 1..120min).
Min./max. value memory: min and max measuring values are stored for
all ranges.
Hold key: the current measuring will be “frozen” (for all ranges)
Configurable display: The device can be configured by the user: display
all measuring values alternating (2 or 4 sec. Cycle) or permanent with
manual choice. Not required values can be suppressed.
Sea level adjustment: The displayed value of the barometer can be converted to air pressure at sea level. (therefore the altitude above sea level has to be entered)
Tendency indicator (for barometer): air pressure falling/increasing.

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GFTB-200 - Precision hygror-thermo-barometer - GFTB-200 GFTB-200Code: 21533

Digital Hygro/Thermo/Barometer.