G2 – Local indication stainless steel turbines

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The GPI Stainless Steel Flowmeter line are used with ammonium, plating solutions, caustic and acidic cleaning agents, fuel products and other chemicals. The lithium battery powered electronic display G2 Stainless Steel flowmeters are calibrated to read in gallons and liters per minute with two totals in which case one is resettable and gives you a cumulative flow total. The G2 Stainless Steel flowmeters come in ½ in, ¾  in, 1 in, 1½ in, and 2 inch models.

No outputs on the series here offered



– ATEX    EX II 1 G Exia IIC T6 Ta=-40° C to 60° C; IP 65
– IECEX  Exia IIC T6  Ta= 60° C  Ga IP 65
– FM intrinsically safe for Class I,II,III, DIV. 1  All groups non incendive for Class I,II,III, Div. 2 , Groups A,B,C,D,F,G

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