Paddle flow switch for compatible liquids. Process connections: 1 "M-BSPT. Temperature limits: 230 ° F (110 ° C). Contact type: SPDT (contact in exchange). Enclosure: Die-cast aluminum alloy.

Measure air speed, volumetric flow, temperature and humidity.Up to 99 storable readings. Stainless steel probe with convenient knob and with insertion depth incisions on the probe from 0 to 20 cm.

Measure air speed or volumetric flow and temperature. Backlight for low light environments. Aluminum case of the digital indicator. Up to 99 storable readings for subsequent analysis.

Measurement% U.R, temperature, dew point, medium bulb. It stores up to 99 values, ideal for technicians who need to take measurements and analyze them at a later stage. Temperature range: - 28 to + 60 ° C

Differential pressure gages for non-combustible dry air and gas. Accuracy ± 2% Temperature limits: from -6 to 60 ° C. Process connections: 1/8˝ female NPT

Designed for the measurement of the flow of dirty air or gas, with the presence of particulates as happens in drains or chimneys. High dirt resistance, compliant with EPA specifications, 40 CFR.

Single pitot tubes in stainless steel. They do not require calibration. Precision holes for static pressure. Long-lasting 304 stainless steel construction. Welds in silver for a perfect seal.

Ideal for determining the differential pressure and therefore the speed at the entrance of variable volume stations or fans, in air conditioning systems.

Field adjustable - leak proof body. For pipes from 1 to 6 ". SPDT exchange contact type snap. Pressure limits: 10 bar Temperature limits: 100 ° C

Adjustable in the field, for liquids and gases for 1-1 / 2 "pipes. Available ATEX version Contact type: SPDT snap (exchange contact). Process connections: 1-1 / 2 "NPT-male.

Vane operated flow switch for the liquids compatible with wetted materials. Magnetic connection Suitable for piping: from 1 "to 4". Process connection: 1 "NPT male. Temperature limit: -40 to 121 ° C

For 1/2 "to 2" pipes Fluids: gases or liquids compatible with wet parts. Temperature limits: from -20 to 105 ° C Switch type: SPDT snap switch standard.

Ideal for technicians in the air conditioning sector, for speed measurements with Pitot tubes. Measurements of pressure, flow rate and speed together with numerous other useful functions.

Differential pressure gauges for low fields, low ranges. Fluid: air Temperature limits: from -7 to 48.9 ° C. Accuracy: ± 5% f.s.

Selectable engineering units, auto zero, hold and min / max function. It can be used to set, adjust pressures, check pressure switches, set pressure regulators and check pneumatic circuits.

Differential pressure gauge with alarm for air and non-combustible gases. Switch type: each setpoint has 1 type C relay (SPDT). Set point adjustment using front knobs.

Pressed column pressure gauge. Ideal for speed measurement and filter clogging monitoring. Suitable for pressure measurements above and below atmospheric pressure and for differential pressure.

Supplied with the cage to prevent liquid leakage. Measure of speed, static pressure, losses, efficiency of fans and blowers. Measures clogging filters and pressure of gas supply burners, boilers etc.

Accuracy ± 0.5% f.s NEMA 4X version. Temperature limits: from -18 to 55 ° C. Process connections: 1/4 “NPT male.

Accuracy ± 0.25% f.s NEMA 4X version. Temperature limits: from -18 to 55 ° C. Process connections: 1/4 "NPT male.

Low cost, for air and compatible gases. Temperature limits: from -1 to 49 ° C. Process connections: 1/4 "NPT male. Accuracy: ± 1.0% f.s.

Low flows. For AIR and WATER. Accuracy ± 5% F.s. for VFA models, ± 3% for VFB. Average length of the scale 2" on the VFA models, 4" on the VFB models.

They can be used to monitor the temperature of air or water in air conditioning, air treatment or other systems. They are available in different versions, with thermistor probes (various types) or with PT100 or PT1000 resistance thermometers.

Accuracy: 2% of full scale. 1" female NPT back connections For WATER up to 75 l/min. Process connection: 1" female NPT back connections. End connections optional.

Roto-gear valve technology permits full open to close adjustment while maintaining fine flow control of the process media in one valve design. Service: Compatible gases and liquids. Valve: Delrin®;

Media and plates for pressure gauges and transmitters. - Mounting brackets - Complete kits - Pressure sockets

It allows an accurate measurement of speed 16 fields selectable in FPM or m / s AVAILABLE 641RM VERSION WITH REMOTE SENSOR. The optional red LED display allows local speed display.

Differential pressure transmitter for air and non-combustible, compatible gases. Ranges up to 1 KPa Output signal: 4 ÷ 20 mA. Temperature limits: from -6.67 to 48.9 ° C.

Compact and low cost differential pressure transmitter. Quick and easy installation. Output: 4 ÷ 20 mA, 2 wires. Zero and Span adjustment: ± 1 mA, non-interactive.

The series 616KD differential pressure transmitters with One-Touch technology. With a single button, ZERO and SPAN are calibrated correctly. Output signal: 4 ÷ 20 mA or 0-10 V

Versatile differential pressure transmitter: 4 SELECTABLE FIELDS Double output in current and voltage allow simultaneous use of the two outputs.

Differential pressure transmitter ideal for monitoring air pressure and speed. Zero & span adjustment: digital via buttons. Output signals: 4-20 mA 0-10 Vcc