1/4” NPT type single-stage low pressure reducing regulator for precision industry.

Supplied with one pressure gage on the output.

DR60 Series is a 1/4” NPT type single-stage pressure reducing regulator being widely used for general plumbing and industrial gases. Mode of nickel plated brass for body and stainless steel or brass for internal parts, Teflon valve seat, and diaphragm of special rubber, DR60 series an economical model with durability and safety as well.

  • 1/4” NPT type regulator
  • Suitable for the general plumbing and industrial control fields
  • Inlet pressures are 3000psi(210bar) or 600psi(42bar) and outlet pressures are 25psig (1.7bar) 50psig(3.5bar), 100psig(7bar), 200psig(14bar)
  • Design proof pressure: 150% of maximum rated