Data Logger Temp/Humidity/Pressure


Dataloggers for temperature, humidity, and pressure are advanced monitoring devices designed to record real-time data related to these three essential environmental parameters.


Dataloggers for temperature, humidity, and pressure are equipped with highly sensitive sensors that accurately measure temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure. These devices can operate in both indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring precise and reliable measurements.

Many modern datalogger solutions also include wireless or USB connectivity, facilitating the transmission of collected data to computers or analysis devices. Some dataloggers may have LCD screens to display real-time data directly from the device.


The operation of dataloggers for temperature, humidity, and pressure relies on the ability of sensors to detect changes in environmental parameters and convert these measurements into digital signals. These signals are then recorded within the device, enabling monitoring and analysis of data over time.


These dataloggers find extensive applications in various industries and sectors. They are commonly used to monitor environmental conditions in laboratories, warehouses, facilities for storing and transporting sensitive goods, greenhouses, industrial structures, and quality control environments. Additionally, they can be employed in monitoring weather conditions in meteorological studies or environmental research.

Dataloggers for temperature, humidity, and pressure are essential for evaluating the stability and efficiency of work or storage environments, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and maintaining the quality of industrial processes. Their adoption enables informed decision-making based on accurate data and helps maintain controlled and safe environments.

Configuration is simple, with no software to install on your PC or Mac – just connect the logger with a USB cable, and use your standard web browser to configure the device for logging. You don’t even need internet access to set up and use the EL-SIE-6+, it really couldn’t be easier.