Dataloggers with an alarm function are advanced data recording devices designed to monitor and record various parameters, sending real-time notifications in case of pre-set threshold exceedance.


Dataloggers with an alarm function can collect real-time data from sensors and measurement devices, recording it for subsequent analysis and monitoring. Their distinctive feature is the ability to set alarm limits, so that when a measured parameter exceeds or falls below these thresholds, the datalogger sends notifications or alert signals to responsible personnel.


These devices operate with high precision and reliability, enabling continuous data logging and timely alerts in case of abnormal or critical conditions. This is particularly useful in environments where promptly detecting and responding to variations in critical parameters such as high or low temperatures, humidity, pressure, liquid levels, or other measurable variables is essential.


The applications of dataloggers with an alarm function are extremely versatile and span across various industries, including the preservation and transportation of sensitive goods, environmental monitoring, industrial process monitoring, building and facility control, food safety, and much more.

Thanks to their capabilities in real-time data logging and notification, dataloggers with an alarm function play a crucial role in ensuring safety, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency in a wide range of industrial and environmental applications. Their adoption allows for informed and timely decision-making to prevent damages or incidents and optimize overall operations.

Wireless Alert TP is a battery-powered temperature sensor that sends a warning email if a user-set level is reached. Simply select your temperature limits and connect to any Wi-Fi network using the Wireless Alert mobile app.

Power this device via its USB-C socket and set it up in the free FilesThruTheAir app. Configuration options include connection to a WiFi network, temperature limit selection and notification options. You can also set up scheduled email summary reports to include minimum, maximum and average temperature, power status, number of alerts and total time spent in an alert. A quick look at the FilesThruTheAir app dashboard will show the alert status and last reported readings of any device connected to your account. 

The EL-SMS-2G-TP is a battery powered temperature alert that will send SMS (Short Message Service) notification messages to pre-programmed mobile phone numbers whenever the temperature it is monitoring exceeds an upper or lower temperature limit.