WIS World Industrial Store

Hand Held instr./Calibr. - Pressure

 Precision hygror/thermo/barometer
Precision hygror/thermo/barometer
 Handheld digital vacuum/barometer
For measuring absolute pressure. Measuring range: 0-1300 mBar absolute

Dataloggers/Recorders - Dataloggers single and double channel

 Datalogger Tinytag Ultra
IP54 for temperature and/or temperature and humidity

Ethernet - Analog Input

Temperature/Humidity - Temperature

 Sensor probes
With or without 4-20 mA output

Temperature/Humidity - Temperature/Humidity

 Humidity/temperature transmitter
Calibration-Free, 2%- 3% accuracy - duct or wall mounting

Pressure - Electro-Pneumatic

 Precision air pressure regulator
The Type 100 is a high precision, multi-stage pressure regulator.

Pressure - Pressure Switches

 Low differential pressure switch for industrial use
Air and non-combustible, compatible gases.

Pressure - Pressure transmitters

Pressure - Differential pressure transmitters

 Differential Pressure Transmitter
Digital Push-Button Calibration with One-Touch® Transmitter Technology, DIN Moun…

Pressure - Differential pressure gages

 Differential pressure gages, low ranges
Suitable for air dried and gas fuels.

Flow - Turbine

 Insertion Turbine for water
The Dualpulse insertion flow transducer is an innovative design

Flow - Variable area flowmeters

 Glass tube flowmeters for low flows
Air max 1,2 l/min - H2O max 80 cc/min
 Glass tube flowmeters for medium flows
Air max 25 l/min - H2O max 1,5 l/min
 Glass tube flowmeters for high flows
Air Max 150 l/min - H2O Max 4.4 l/min

Flow - Flow switches

 Flotect® vane operated flow switch
Field adjustable, for fluids, gases and flowing solids for pipes from 1-1/2