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Accessories - Valves and manifolds

 3 valve bar stock Manifold
Threaded 7 flanged 180░ connection with bleeder 1/4

Ethernet - Temperature/Humidity

Ethernet - Analog Input

Temperature/Humidity - Temperature

 Sensor probes
With or without 4-20 mA output

Temperature/Humidity - Temperature/Humidity

Indicators/flow computers - Flow Computers

 Flow computers for air/gas/steam
Flow computer for measurement of air,gas, liquids and steam

Pressure - Electro-Pneumatic

 I/P converter
Explosion proof, Intrinsic safety, ATEX, FM, CSA
 Precision air pressure regulator
The Type 100 is a high precision, multi-stage pressure regulator.

Pressure - Pressure Gauges

 Bourdon tube pressure Gage
100 mm Dial - Completely stainless steel
 Bourdon tube pressure gage
100 mm Dial - Completely stainless steel
 Bourdon tube pressure gage
63 mm Dial, stainless steel case and fitting, bottom connection
 Bourdon tube pressure gauge
Back connections stainless steel, 63 mm dial.

Pressure - Pressure Switches

 Diaphragm operated pressure Switches
Available also ATEX version ( ATEX II 2 G EEx d IIC T6)

Pressure - Pressure transmitters

 Pressure transmitters - ATEX  Eex ia
Resistant to pressure peaks. Shockproof and vibration-proof.Ideal for OEM applic…

Pressure - Differential pressure transmitters

 Smart differential pressure transmitter
SMART differential pressure transmitters

Flow - Thermal

 Air velocity transmitter
16 field selectable ranges in FPM or MPS.

Flow - Turbine

 Insertion Turbine for water
The Dualpulse insertion flow transducer is an innovative design

Flow - Volumetric - PD meters

 Gear type flowmeters
Positive displacement gear type flowmeters used for petroleum products including…

Flow - Flow indicators

 Rising ball flow indicators
Suitable for water and other clear liquids.

Flow - Variable area flowmeters

 Glass tube flowmeters for low flows
Air max 1,2 l/min - H2O max 80 cc/min
 Glass tube flowmeters for medium flows
Air max 25 l/min - H2O max 1,5 l/min
 Glass tube flowmeters for high flows
Air Max 150 l/min - H2O Max 4.4 l/min
 Plastic flowmeters
Small flow - air , water
 Plastic Flowmeter
For water up to 75 l/min
 Low flow metal flowmeters
For water flow measurement

Flow - Flow switches

 Flotect« mini-size flow switch
Monitor flow in 1/2'' pipe to 2''
 Flotect« vane operated flow switch
Field adjustable, for fluids, gases and flowing solids for pipes from 1-1/2
 Flotect« vane operated flow switch
Field Adjustable - 1 to 6 inch pipe, leak proof body.